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Axial-Flow and Mixed-Flow Pumps

Theses pumps are constructed rigidly to ensure vibration free operation. Hydraulic design is being updated continuously based on the R&D efforts in order to meet requirements of higher efficiency and lower submergence, while taking care of other parameters, such as high reliability and optimum system design.

Field of Application

Water supply pumps, irrigation pumps, cooling tower, thermal  power plants, steel, cement industries,
desalination plant refineries, condensate extraction, fire fighting pumps, flood control; supply of public, industrial or raw-water.


- Steel, Stainless steel, Duplex and Superduplex construction
Vibration-free performance
- Low submergence
- No priming required
- Dry pit/Wet pit arrangement available
- Direct drive/Right angle gear drive
- Impeller pull-out/Non-pull-out construction
- Bowl pull-out/Non-pull-out construction
- Gland packing / Mechanical seal
- Rubber, Polymer (Thordon, Trelleborg, etc) and Bronze guide bearings


- Delivery size up to 2000 mm
- Capacity up to 10.000 l /s
- Head up to 240 m

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